You're done playing alone

Owls groups you with the right players based on your stats, roles & goals

Create sessions, chat, share, and consolidate into teams to improve

Case sensitive - example: BobBob#1234

We find your perfect mates - in seconds

Everyone has its own goals, that’s why our engine groups players of similar skill level & personality together for them to improve. Our ‘Synergy indicator’ allows to assess how likely you are to enjoy playing with a single or group of players at a glance!

Effortless & accurate grouping

Create & schedule gaming sessions with advanced criteria in a few clicks - only the right players can join the session and the audio channel we created specifically for your gaming session!

Track, review, improve.

Looking to get as serious as it can with the game? By leveraging advanced stats & team features, along with all the game content one needs, elo hell will quickly become a distant memory!